What You Need to Know: An Eric Pulier FAQ

Most who are savvy about technology and entrepreneurship have heard of his accolades, but few know the man behind the success. Before understanding one’s triumphs, it is best to understand their upbringing and any struggles, after all.

A lot of his business pursuits have been in Los Angeles. Is he originally from here?

Eric Pulier is actually a New Jersey native. When he was of age, he moved to Boston to attend Harvard University.

Was he a good student? Meaning, did he show his intelligence throughout his life?

In the fourth grade, Eric was already programming computers, which was undoubtedly something unheard of. In high school, he used his ability to fuel his initial success by establishing a database computer company. Upon attending college, he maintained his technologist characteristics, but also showed the public that he is an esteemed writer and public speaker by writing for The Harvard Crimson. His wits and drive resulted in him graduating magna cum laude.

He has over fifteen businesses. Are they all for his personal gain?

There is no denying that Pulier has deserving profited from his success, but whereas most entrepreneurs establish companies for themselves only, Pulier used his intelligence and passion for helping people to address serious issues in the country.

Was The Harvard Crimson his only work as an author?

The brain of Eric Pulier cannot remain unstimulated for long, so he wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA.

What should people really understand about him?

All accomplishments aside, Eric Pulier is a philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to charity as well as countless hours of his time.

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