Malini Saba Encourages Others

I cannot say that I come across people in the business world that have managed to encourage others, but Malini Saba is one such person. She has been able to build a very successful financial firm, but she has also managed to be an encouragement to others. I think that her ability to rise up and simply take advantages of the information that was laid out before her has made her an inspiration.

There are tons of people that have access to all types of information in this day and age, but many people still make excuses on a regular basis. I have seen so many people that are broken and distraught over not being able to save for retirement or find jobs that pay well. Malini Saba could have taken the same road to complaining and getting disgruntled about the injustices of this world. She didn’t spend her time this way though. When she came to America she was living off of very little money.

She didn’t have any fancy clothes and expensive technology for researching investments. She had access to lectures, and she learned about investing through these free lectures about finances. After she received a little knowledge this way she would continue to educate herself and build her reputation as a prominent investor. As time progressed I believed that that her drive and determination would be the thing that would propel her to a career as the founder as Saban, a financial investing firm.

I think that Malini Saba can serve as a motivational leader to anyone that has ever said that they cannot do something. She is living proof that the only restrictions any person has are the restrictions that a person puts on themselves. I have been very intrigued with her philanthropy. She has risen from someone that didn’t have much to become someone that is helping women across the globe. She knows that there are a lot of at-risk women. Saba cannot save everyone, but she is trying to help others help themselves. Her ability to save some will inevitably lead these women to help others. Malini Saba may not know it, but she is building a legacy in the business world.

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