FreedomPop Grows as Customers Find Out About Free Cell Phone Services

FreedomPop is the awesome new way that people are finding out about ways to save on their phone bills. It can become something of a nightmare to have a phone bill that has you paying for fees, overages and data plans that you don’t even use. FreedomPop is the company that has given people the ability to save money, and this is all that most people need to know.


The FreedomPop services that consumers can obtain include free cell phone and Internet services for the home. Customers do not have to chose both, but many customers sign up for both after they discover that the Internet service is free. Both of these bills can really attack a homeowner’s budget. It makes a lot more sense for homeowners that are looking for ways to save to consider what FreedomPop has to offer. This is one of the most creative ways to save money.


The FreedomPop services have become popular largely because there is a great word of mouth buzz about the company. People that get to chance to glance at the average FreedomPop review will understand that they can get the basics, no frills cell phone and Internet services without spending a fortune. Most consumers get right to the point when they talk about this. FreedomPop, as a free service, is excellent for those people that don’t really do a ton of talking or texting.


At the other end of the scope, there are people that need their phones to communicate and they spend all day draining their batteries to do so. For these types of customers there is a paid FreedomPop services that gives them unlimited data. This is good for the customers that may have assumed that they could not go with the free basic FreedomPop plans. This is much better than any type of plan on the market through the major cell phone carriers.


What consumers will notice is that the FreedomPop unlimited plan is designed as a low cost alternative. It is $20. Other unlimited plans with T-Mobile or Sprint may cost more than $100. That is why many customers are deciding to make the low cost alternative switch.

Executives of Waiakea Water Discuss the Benefits of Alkalizing the Body

The executive team of the Waiakea Water company recently discussed the health benefits that present themselves when humans properly alkalize their bodies. The CEO of Waiakea stated that the company provides all natural volcanic water to citizens around the globe in an effort to reduce diet-related illnesses that are caused by a buildup of acidity in the body.

According to Organic Authority, executives from the Waiakea Spring distribution company have stated that the company has developed a goal to provide information to their consumers and the general public about the benefits of alkalizing the body in an effort to prevent debilitating, diet-related illnesses, increase the awareness of beneficial and all-natural treatments for diseases, and contribute to the overall well being of humanity.

Prevention of Debilitating, Diet-Related Illnesses

Studies have consistently shown that cancers and other devastating diseases that are now prominent in the United States and other western countries can be drastically reduced through the process of alkalization. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Alkalization of the body is a simple process which occurs when people begin to eat and drink alkalizing food and beverage instead of acidic ones. The standard American diet is one that is heavy in acidic foods like red meat, false food products, fast foods, and artificial sweeteners.

The volcanic water that is collected by Waiakea is also a naturally alkaline product. By drinking this water in combination with an alkaline diet, consumers can actively reverse the effects the acidic diets can have on individuals. Alkalization of the body can drastically reduce the chance of developing cancer or other diet-related illnesses.

Increase of Awareness of Beneficial and All-Natural Treatments For Disease

Waiakea water executives also discussed the goal of the company to increase the awareness of the general public regarding natural cures to diseases. Waiakea executives are keenly aware that most Americans believe that their diseases can only be cured by taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs which often cause more problems than they solve.

Waiakea water aims to show natural and alternative ways to heal the body, including the use of alkaline water to reduce disease, stress, and physical hardship.

Contribution to General Welfare of Growing Population

Waiakea water executives believe that the volcanic water company has a moral obligation to contribute to the general welfare of the growing population through education and distribution of superior water.