Reviewing Don Ressler And His Contribution To Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Across Europe, there is a huge market for different types of products. However, this does not mean you can easily get your business to rank well in the vast market. Just like many markets, the European region is one of the most competitive and businesses that manage to overcome the competition are the ones that eventually record success.

Don Ressler’s experience as an entrepreneur spans more than 15 years and he has been working on his already established businesses to keep them at the top of the chain. His first attempt at business led him to launch, a company that specialized in fitness products. He ran the business for few years and in that period he was able to acquire vital skills like marketing and management. Being his first business, he had to overcome a host of challenges that stretched from lack of proper marketing tools on Crunchbase to slow responsiveness of the business.

Alena Media
In 2001, he decided to try out something different and this led him to sell the company to Intermix Media. This was a vital transaction that allowed him to come across Adam Goldenberg, who later became a business partner on Together, they launched Alena Media, a company they devoted to offering marketing services. This appeared a brilliant idea because not many companies offered such services in the competitive online environment.

Intelligent Beauty
After massive success with the business, they felt they could use the experience to manage a bigger company on This allowed them to sell Alena Media in 2005 to focus on building their new idea. In 2008, they launched Intelligent Beauty, a beauty outlet that stocks all types of beauty products. Intelligent Beauty is a profitable company and continues to grow more than seven years after inception.

About JustFab
Don Ressler and his partner moved ahead and founded JustFab in 2010 to serve the fashion market that was fast growing. The company operates on a subscription system that offers members exclusive rights to enjoy specific deals. In 2011, they approached Matrix Ventures for funding to expand the company and they were given $33 million. This amount only funded the infrastructure, so they had to apply for more. They proceeded to several venture capitals in 2012 and came back with $76 million that allowed them to build the company to penetrate into other regions like Germany and Canada. Source:

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  1. Don Ressler is among entrepreneurs whose presence in this market brought a new breath of air due to the revolutionary ideas he came up with to beat the high competition. This may seem so easy for and that is the correct way for them to understand what everyone has been saying all along.

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