Madison Street Capital; An Exceptional Investment Firm

Madison Street capital, an internationally acclaimed investment banking company, was named as a nominee to the penultimate round of the M&A Advisor Awards. For the fifteenth year running, M&A has organized the awards, which seeks to acknowledge outstanding performers, both corporate and individual, from the financial sector.


The firm has been chosen to two categories, International and Industrial Deals of the Year and Boutique Investment Company of the year. The purchase of Dowco’s Acuna & Associates had a significant contribution towards the nominations.


Madison Capital’s CEO acknowledged that they were charmed by the closure of the transaction that saw Dowco acquire Acuna & Associates. He added that Dowco was a long-time client of his firm. Additionally, he expressed his enthusiasm for the nomination to the M&A Awards. Charles Botchway, the CEO, attributed the nomination to the relentless efforts put in by their staff in identifying suitable businesses for their ever growing client base.


Executive Manager Karl D’Cunha, who was the mastermind behind the acquisition, stated that the transaction was not a walk in the park and they encountered numerous challenges. Having accomplished the daunting task, Karl was thankful that his efforts were recognized by M&A.

The award presentation ceremony is a colorful gala hosted by M&A. The venue of the event was the famous New York Athletic Club.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a household name in the investment banking industry. Over time, the institution has built its standing by upholding high operational standards, which includes values such as integrity. Among the services offered by the establishment are financial advice, professional fiscal opinions, valuation of businesses as well as supervision of mergers and acquisitions. By taking clients’ needs as their own, the company has built a reliable connection with its clientele, a key pillar in their unprecedented success.


Due to the sensitive nature of the industry in which they operate, Madison Street Capital employs highly competitive staff who provide timely response to clients’ queries. Throughout its existence, the company has helped numerous customers achieve their goals within the stipulated period. Additionally, the enterprises avail each customer with a unique, personalized experience. For these reasons, Madison Street Capital reputation has soared significantly to become one of the prominent figures in the financial consultancy field. Since its inception, the company has undergone massive growth, evolving from a relatively unknown Chicago-based entity to a leading multi-continental corporation. The firm has offices in its native America, Asia, and Africa.


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  1. Madison Street capital, an internationally acclaimed investment banking company, was named as a nominee to the penultimate round of the M&A Advisor Awards. This man has actually cut in between irons, for his success is mindblowing. As a leader, he is something else. Reasons not limited to this has made in continues circulation of facts about him.

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