Sweetgreen Attracts More Customers Through Excellence Marketing From Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen is a restaurant chain that has people excited about eating healthy. This is not something that people hear about every day. When it comes to obesity America is leading the way, and it appears bleak for any healthy eating establishments. Nathaniel Ru, however, knew that there was something that he could do to get Americans interested in healthy food. He knew that the bulk of this would be determined by how people felt about what they were eating.



There would have to be something that made them take interest in what was happening with healthy food establishments. With Sweetgreen Nathaniel decided to reach out to a young Millennial crowd. This is where he knew he would have the most influence through social media. He also believed that things like music and the Sweetgreen Music Festival could bring young adults to the table to eat healthy again.


What Nathaniel has been able to do over the years is give people better options by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables. This was a big part of his marketing campaign through social media and it paid off. People that are aware of the Sweetgreen restaurants are also aware that this restaurant chain gives them access to farmers that are within miles of the Sweetgreen franchise stores. This makes all the difference in the world because this sets Sweetgreen apart from the other fast food restaurants that may be selling processed foods that are a long way from being fresh.



Nathaniel room was aware of what was out there, and he knew that with his marketing campaign that he could create something new. Consumers would gain a lot more interest in what was currently going on with the healthy food options that were available through Sweetgreen restaurant chains.


Sweetgreen has been a company that has been easy to market because it started off with a single location and became something of a novelty. It isn’t a restaurant that people in the south can find down the street. It isn’t something that has migrated to all 50 states just yet. The fact that it is only in select states makes it a novelty. The fact that people are talking about this restaurant when they come to new cities makes it something that people are longing for. This demand would catch the attention of investors, and that investors would provide more opportunities to expand the business.


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