The Rise of Tobias Jaeger in the Entertainment Industry

Tobias Jaeger is an experienced businessman who has lived, visited and worked in 43 countries on four continents. He resides in Berlin, Germany, with his family. His passion for research and networking has enabled him to learn various languages which include German, English, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish. Tobias has global ambitions which correspond to his colleagues of the Sandbox Network and the TEDx organization.


Tobias Jaeger is a proud owner of a degree in international business from Maastricht University in Netherlands. He also attended Texas A&M University. While still in university in 2007, Tobias formed Business Associates Europe as his first company. Corporations in need of strategy consulting services used the company. The firm created a podium for experienced consultants with university students, who combined to provide consultancy. Tobias Jaeger involved students in providing an in-depth research to several leading companies. After graduation, Tobias Jaeger landed into the e-gaming industry, partnering with a renowned poker player to establish StrategoPoker. StrategoPoker online platform educated players in competing so that they could earn a living from the game.


Mr. Jaeger is the managing director of AXIOM Venture Capital as well as the managing partner. AXIOM Venture Capital assist businesspersons in media and entertainment to find the right investors and vice versa. The company links the world of media and entertainment to the world of finance. Tobias Jaeger is the corporate finance arm of the firm alongside managing M&A advisory. Tobias later spearheaded the formation of AXIOM Pictures, located in Europe, focusing on investments in global film projects. AXIOM Pictures is an equity fund for television and film production.


The natural networker served the German Armed Forces, which inspired him to form a non-political, non-governmental initiative that created awareness of the German Armed Forces. Tobias gained support on social media platforms that enabled him to help the families of the armed forces. The initiative generated more than a million Euros through donations.


Tobias Jaeger is changing the entertainment industry by applying his expertise in managing companies in the business. In 2012, he got a chance to join Swiss initiative that helped him design a documentary. The documentary focuses on how to use top-notch technology to generate new business models to feed the world. He involved the next generation of leaders and received support from investors and decision-makers around the world. His passion for entertainment has helped him succeed in his business.


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