Immigrants’ Rights Advocacy Groups

Immigrants face intimidation and oppression in their new land. Most of the natives treat them as lesser beings for their minority status. To make matters worse, most immigrants do not know their rights; therefore, they live in fear and intimidation.

Consequently, many human rights advocacy groups have been formed to fight for the rights of the immigrants. Some of these groups are discussed below:

Border Angels

Border Angels is an organization that prevents the unnecessary deaths of immigrants. The group also focuses on reducing hardships through offering border rescue stations. At the same time, the firm offers immigration services and consultations freely to those who need them.

These are offered in the Sherman Heights Offices in both Spanish and English. Other than that, Border Angels provides education and advocacy to immigrants. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Education programs offered include community awareness of the problems associated with undocumented immigrants. Moreover, the group offers internships and teaches about border issues.

Border Action Network

The Border Action Network is an organization that works closely with immigrants and border communities in Arizona. They ensure that the human rights are protected and human dignity upheld in the society. The body also makes certain that the community lives in healthy places. The management understands that marginalized communities and immigrants face many challenges; therefore, the managers aspire to help them maneuver the problems.

Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC)

CLINIC’s mission is to deliver legal services to the impoverished and low-income immigrants through the diocesan programs. The above immigration programs ensure that the needs of immigrants identified by the Catholic Church in America are met.

CLINIC tackles the problems identified via advocacy, litigation, pro-bono representation, and media. After identifying the problems, they check the legal patterns and pursue responsive strategies to solve the issues. The firm also collaborates with Migration and Refuge Services of United States Conference of Bishops.

Detention Watch Networks

Detention Watch Network (DWN) also works towards reforming the deportation and detention system in America. DWN is a coalition of firms that was founded in 1997. It encompasses CLINIC, Florence Immigration Project among other immigration rights bodies.

Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who wrote an alternative newspaper in Phoenix Arizona in 1970 were arrested in 2007 for the advertisements they wrote in the Village Voice Media. However, the cases against the two was dropped by Attorney Andrew Thomas.

Larkin and Lacey sued Thomas, Arpajo, and Dennis Wilenchik for their abuse of power. When the case was settled, the two received $3.75 million as compensation,

The two used the cash to establish the Frontera Fund that assists the Hispanic Community, which resides in Phoenix.

The Frontera Fund is also used to support human, civil, and migrant rights group in Arizona. Additionally, it supports groups that advocate for freedom of speech and civic participation.


Immigrants should research on the nearby bodies that fight for their rights in America. They should then make contact with the authorities so that they can enjoy all the rights that are reserved for them.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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