Fabletics – How They Knew What the Consumers Wanted

A decade ago, when women wanted to buy clothing that was specifically made to use when jogging, doing exercises or going to the gym, they were paired with very few options for brands, and most of them did not offer as much diversity in colors and clothes as women would want them to.


For years it stayed like that, until two entrepreneurs found a hole in the market. They noticed that fitness gear was one of the most criticized sectors of the industry when it came from the feedback of women. For men, it did not matter the amount of diversity that was provided, or the quality of the fabric, but women wanted a brand that could match comfort with style.


Fabletics was created with the feminine public in mind. With dozens of different combinations of colors for each and every piece of clothing available in the Fabletics’ stock, the feedback of the company has skyrocketed positively.


Looking at the charts, Fabletics is one of the fastest-growing companies of, not only its industry, but of the whole United States. With the help of Kate Hudson, the famous personality that knew everything about the fashion world, the people behind Just Fab created one of the most well-received brands of the 21st century.


It all started with the unique grasp that Fabletics showed since the beginning. With a Lifestyle Quiz, the staff of Fabletics had the genius idea of using a custom-made quiz to help clients decide on what type of gear combines better with their strong personalities. This went hand-in-hand with their business philosophy: Every woman is unique.


Right now, Fabletics has dominated the online shopping market. On Amazon, Fabletics clothes are the most searched-for products. The main reason for this success is their second marketing decision that was a genius move from the developers.


Because online shopping has a lot to do with where you buy your product, especially if you are looking for the lowest prices, most people do not order directly from the producers of that product. Instead, they buy from stores, online shopping websites or even other users.


Because of this natural course of the e-commerce world, Fabletics went with the “reverse showroom” technique: You like it – you add it to your shopping list – you can buy it with the price that you found online. No more competing with other stores on the internet for clients, Fabletics has eliminated any competition.