How Todd Lubar Found Success As An Entpreneur

In the past when someone said they were an entrepreneur it was known by others to mean that you had gone into business for yourself so you could be your own boss. For example, a poll said that people who were in their 50’s cited that as the reason they had started their own companies 65% of the time. Only 49% of the millennial generation cited that as their primary motive, however.

According to Inspirery, there are a lot of other differences between these two generations when it comes to entrepreneurship. One of the questions was if you went into business do do better for yourself by making more money. Those in their 50s said yes to that question 43% of the time while millennials answered in the affirmative 47% of the time.

Another finding was that those entrepreneurs in their 50s said 17% of the time they did so to benefit the broader community, 29% said that was why they had chosen that path. Finally, just 19% of the people polled in their 50s said that becoming famous was a reason why they had started their own business. 32% of millennials, though, said that was one of their key reasons.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who falls between these two generations. He has been in the mortgage business for 23 years, the last several years owning his own business in Baltimore, Maryland. Back when he worked for others he was employed by a few companies like Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Charter Funding, and Legacy Financial Group. He decided he would have more autonomy and have to deal with less bureaucracy by establishing his own business in the industry. You can visit to see more.

Todd Lubar has been asked a number of times what the key to his success as an entrepreneur has been. Lubar says it’s primarily been because he’s a hard worker who doesn’t give up in the face of adversity. He also says that he keeps himself continuously aware of everything going on at his company so that everything is handled in the proper way. He says paying attention to the details has been key in him achieving his dreams.

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