How Kate Hudson and Fabletics Use the Reverse Showroom Technique

Shopping used to be an adventure. My friends and I would sit at the mall for hours and visit charming boutiques downtown. However, now it feels more like a hassle, especially in colder months. Smart brands like Fabletics are using the reverse showroom technique to let people enjoy the luxury of an online showroom. This is called the reverse showroom technique. No one likes trying on clothing in stores (why do they always use fluorescent lights?). With Fabletics, you can have a unique user experience from your computer or phone.



Why Kate Hudson Founded Fabletics

A few years ago, Fabletics was the brainchild of TechStyle Group and actress Kate Hudson. There was a major niche in the athletic apparel market. Women had only two options: functional with no style or over-priced with some style but no variation. The team set out to make Fabletics something totally different. They wanted to offer women a gorgeous array of fashionable athletic wear at the best cost out there, but still the highest quality.


Kate Hudson wanted to be a true leader in Fabletics. While she is best known as the face of the company, she is involved in every decision. She even works with the team to come up with new designs and new ideas for the outfits. She also regularly reviews sales data and online shopping trends to help make strategy decisions. Kate Hudson has said that she would never be the face of something she didn’t truly believe in. She wears Fabletics consistently and is an advocate for the quality of the athletic wear pieces.


Find Your Fabletics Style!

Fabletics is also unique from other companies or the major online warehouses because it tailors an individual user experience to everyone who visits the Fabletics website. When you first visit the website, you can take a simple LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz askes question about what type of fitness are you in to, where you like to work out, sizing and style preferences. From there, Fabletics’ algorithm generates a unique user experience based on your tastes and preferences. This means that every time you visit the Fabletics website, you will see only pre-picked styles. This cuts down on your time with less sifting through items you don’t want or looking at styles that are made for a light jog when you’re a road warrior. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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