Malini Saba Encourages Others

I cannot say that I come across people in the business world that have managed to encourage others, but Malini Saba is one such person. She has been able to build a very successful financial firm, but she has also managed to be an encouragement to others. I think that her ability to rise up and simply take advantages of the information that was laid out before her has made her an inspiration.

There are tons of people that have access to all types of information in this day and age, but many people still make excuses on a regular basis. I have seen so many people that are broken and distraught over not being able to save for retirement or find jobs that pay well. Malini Saba could have taken the same road to complaining and getting disgruntled about the injustices of this world. She didn’t spend her time this way though. When she came to America she was living off of very little money.

She didn’t have any fancy clothes and expensive technology for researching investments. She had access to lectures, and she learned about investing through these free lectures about finances. After she received a little knowledge this way she would continue to educate herself and build her reputation as a prominent investor. As time progressed I believed that that her drive and determination would be the thing that would propel her to a career as the founder as Saban, a financial investing firm.

I think that Malini Saba can serve as a motivational leader to anyone that has ever said that they cannot do something. She is living proof that the only restrictions any person has are the restrictions that a person puts on themselves. I have been very intrigued with her philanthropy. She has risen from someone that didn’t have much to become someone that is helping women across the globe. She knows that there are a lot of at-risk women. Saba cannot save everyone, but she is trying to help others help themselves. Her ability to save some will inevitably lead these women to help others. Malini Saba may not know it, but she is building a legacy in the business world.

James Dondero – President of Highland Capital Invests in Pendrell Corporation

As part of required SEC Filings, James Dondero recently disclosed his new investment in the Pendrell Corporation. This company is a leading innovator in the field of intellectual property and software fields. The company has a partnership with Time Warner, which enabled them to acquire the technology ContentGuard which has 300 patents around the world. Helsinki Memory Technologies is another company that resulted from a collaboration between Pendrell and Nokia. The company has set standards for the microelectronics industry and designed new interfaces which resulted in 200 patents. The company also provides its expertise in the space of solid state memory devices and provides it as a technical consulting service to its clients from around the world.

He has 30 years of experience in high-yield investments as he seeks to help others obtain larger gains and seeks to provide a wider range of access to products. His award-winning set of products are designed to produce good results for his clients. He graduated with honors from the University of Virginia with majors in Finance and Accounting, and his career has taken off from that point onward. His career began as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty program and continued on to American Express in 1985.

Dondero is known for providing solid market insights as he is a well-respected leader in his field. He has two companies (Highland Capital Management) with many affiliates. The company has $19 billion in assets under management, and offer some of the best possible products to their clients. The company as well as James are based in Dallas, TX.


Kenneth Goodgame’s Career History

Kenneth is renowned for his ability to combine merchandising and marketing skills as well as smart business strategy and excellent financial oversight to provide effective operation management solutions. Over the years, he has been delivering key performance indicators, enhancing engagement of employees and providing corporate alignment solutions.

In addition, Kenneth’s quality assurance systems have been central to transforming company’s performance and profitability objectives. In the past, Kenneth has promoted growth of different companies through his leadership skills and composed negotiation abilities. He also has extensive productivity enhancement capabilities and is a leader in cost analysis and quality improvements. Given his many years of experience in the market, Kenneth has adequate skills and qualifications to navigate the market shifts besides offering effective solutions that are not costly. He is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee. Here, he pursued his undergraduate degree in marketing.

His career started at Home Depot, which is located in Atlanta. For 8 years, he served the company in different capacities. His first position was to serve as the merchant of Hardlines D28 product. In this position, Kenneth led in general management, assortment design, line reviews, pricing and purchasing. He also opened 14 stores in Puerto Rico. He was involved in the designing and launching of the 20 SKU Husky Air Tool program, which saw the company overtake Sears to dominate the market share. Later, Kenneth was elevated to the position of senior global product merchant. As the senior merchant, he played an instrumental role in generating more than $18 million in gross margins by designing functional rebates for the suppliers of power equipment engines.

In 2002, Newell Rubbermaid enlisted the services of Kenneth Goodgame. Owing to his success and vast experience, he was appointed to serve as the president of Rubbermaid Cleaning. After 2 years, he was promoted to be the president of Bernzomatic.

Between 2008 and 2010, Kenneth was the president of Techtronic Industries North America’s Direct Tools Factory Outlets and Baja Motorsports. In 2010, he was recruited by Ace Hardware to serve as the general merchandising manager where he served until 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, Kenneth worked at True Value Hardware Corporation.

What You Need to Know: An Eric Pulier FAQ

Most who are savvy about technology and entrepreneurship have heard of his accolades, but few know the man behind the success. Before understanding one’s triumphs, it is best to understand their upbringing and any struggles, after all.

A lot of his business pursuits have been in Los Angeles. Is he originally from here?

Eric Pulier is actually a New Jersey native. When he was of age, he moved to Boston to attend Harvard University.

Was he a good student? Meaning, did he show his intelligence throughout his life?

In the fourth grade, Eric was already programming computers, which was undoubtedly something unheard of. In high school, he used his ability to fuel his initial success by establishing a database computer company. Upon attending college, he maintained his technologist characteristics, but also showed the public that he is an esteemed writer and public speaker by writing for The Harvard Crimson. His wits and drive resulted in him graduating magna cum laude.

He has over fifteen businesses. Are they all for his personal gain?

There is no denying that Pulier has deserving profited from his success, but whereas most entrepreneurs establish companies for themselves only, Pulier used his intelligence and passion for helping people to address serious issues in the country.

Was The Harvard Crimson his only work as an author?

The brain of Eric Pulier cannot remain unstimulated for long, so he wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA.

What should people really understand about him?

All accomplishments aside, Eric Pulier is a philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to charity as well as countless hours of his time.

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How John Goullet Participated in the Creation of DIVERSANT LLC.

DIVERSANT LLC is a registered Minority-Owned Business Enterprise that offers IT staffing services. African-Americans own most of the company’s shares. The firm provides a broad variety of IT staffing solutions to its customers, and they are all accessible and reliable. These services include innovative diversity, IT augmentation, and express contracting. All products that are offered by DIVESANT follow well-made policies that are focused on guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customers, partners, and the community. The staff of the firm associates with the clients in an interactive manner that gives them the impression of real business partners.

There is a rising demand for IT experts in various industries due to the development of new technology in the United States and other parts of the world. DIVERSANT LLC serves its customers by providing them with competent IT professionals. The individuals that the company hires have sufficient skills to help clients in designing and developing fully personalized programs. These experts are acquired and vetted using thorough methods to ensure that they are capable of delivering the best services. Most of the company’s clients fully trust and depend on its services because of its ability to offer competent IT consultants, who match specific needs.

John Goullet is a professional in the IT sector and a well-established entrepreneur. He is an innovative individual, and he has sufficient information on various markets. Mr. Goullet established various successful businesses before becoming a principal executive of DIVERSANT LLC. One of the most prosperous ones is Info Technologies, which he merged with DIVERSANT Inc. in 2010. The company was founded with a primary goal of offering services to the United States’ Fortune 500 companies. The worth of the company grew at a fast rate to 30 million dollars in 5 years. It was also number eight on the Inc. Magazines, best 500 companies.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

Actress and Producer Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt is an Emmy-nominated American actress and producer. She’s graced everything from daytime television slots to feature roles on the silver screen alongside notable hunks like Channing Tatum. And now, with film production under her wings as well, Hunt has secured her spot as a veritable force to be reckoned with, and a starlet Hollywood and audiences alike ought to watch out for.

The spotlight favored her from a young age. Crystal Hunt, born on February 5th, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida began taking the stage before she could even memorize her first lines. Her adorable looks and charming presence landed her in quite a few pageants, and as she got older, she began to sweep the talent portion with ease given her effortless acting abilities. This presence and ability even landed her in a wealth of commercials, including one for Disney opposite popular boy band NSYNC. She received both acting and vocal lessons, and at age 17, while in a class at the Actors Workshop in New York, was quickly scouted down by an agent who offered her a role in the CBS daytime series Guiding Light. It was this role that she became well-known for, and also the role that earned her an Emmy nomination as a teenager. One thing was certainly clear, and it was that Hunt favored the spotlight back.

Hunt continued with the television show for four years before leaving to make her break in the motion picture industry. Her first of these breaks was appearing alongside Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion and next, alongside actress Amanda Bynes in “Sydney White”. In 2009 however, she made her return to television playing the devious Stacy Morasco in ABC’s One Life to Live, where she stayed for three years.

Hunt’s next silver screen gig was 23 Blast, followed by a featured role alongside actor Channing Tatum in the comedy film Magic Mike XXL. In the meantime, Hunt also played a main role in the scripted reality Queens of Drama. Hunt recently produced her first feature film with longtime friend and actress Dania Ramirez, titled Talbot County- a suspenseful, Hitchcockian horror based on a true story.

Goettl Does a Good Deed

Goettl is an air conditioning company that has recently been renovated on both the interior as well as the exterior to now offer some of the highest quality services that includes excellent customer service that is all offered without ever breaking the bank. With summer at its hottest, Goettl is currently at its busiest time of the year with AC units breaking down and more and more clients requesting consulting or products to be installed professionally. Despite the high demand, the most recent improvement of this company has Goettl meeting all of the demands of the customers while adding so much more.
Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief
With the heat rays high in the sky, Goettl understands how unbearable the heat can be to individuals. With this in mind, Goettl has recently donated $14,000 of work to one woman in particular who is currently residing in Las Vegas, a city that is not only known for sin, but also known for the dry heat year round. This woman who received this courtesy is Jean Jackson, a 94 year old woman who has been relying on two air conditioning units in her small home over the past several years. Though this added some relief, it became troublesome when both of these units went out.

Jean Jackson had two window units that reached the age of the duration she has been living in her home which has been around 33 years. Though Jean Jackson is getting by with her bills, her social security money that she has been collecting for many years has no room in the budget for adding a new system for the summer to cool off where she lives.

Goettl did this kind deed to show the community that Goettl is not only a business, but is also something that prides itself for being a part of the community. While a sister company fixed the water line in Ms. Jackson’s home, Goettl installed a brand new AC system that would bring cool and refreshing air into her home during the hottest months in Nevada. The total work was worth $14,000 and costed Jean Jackson no cent whatsoever. Ms. Jackson is grateful to these businesses and has seen true kindness in action thanks to these businesses.

Helane Morrison Wants People To Benefit From The Corporate World

For almost 10 years Helane Morrison has been hearing about the bad financial crash at then end of 2007. The people making these complaints are individuals that lost their money. All of these complaints pushed Helane to create her own firm to help private and small business investors.

The firm created by Helane Morrison is different than any other firm on the market. This firm is all about the corporate world being level ground with a small investor. Helane is forcing the corporate world to get on level ground; she’s doing this with the use of several different tactics.

Helane’s first tactic is to make the company receiving the money provide proof that they are on the right track. Helane will not let any of her clients invest with a company that is not showing great potential. The company has to prove that they are going be doing at least 80% better in the next seven months. This is so Helane can insure her clients that they will be making their money back with interest in the near future.

Helane has also put together her own investigation team. She has individuals on salary for the whole purpose of investigating companies. These investigators search out good investments every single day. They challenge them inside and out to make sure they are indeed good investments and not just high companies waiting to collapse.

Helane Morrison is one of the most hardworking women in all of San Francisco. She runs Hall Capital Partners, her investment firm, with sternness. Everyone is investigated before they are hired, and all of her clients are investigated before she agrees to work with them.

Helane worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission of San Francisco. Every single day she would hear horror stories of how people were getting ripped off by investment companies. She observed the law take action and do all they can to help these individuals.

This is what made Helane want to give up her position in the exchange commission and start her own investment firm. Helane also practiced law at various firms. She knows the financial aspect of the market as well as the full legal aspect of the market, too.

With Makari, Age Is Just a Number


Are you unhappy with you skin due to poor complexion, fine lines, or wrinkles? Would you like to have a fresh summer look without having to spend time in the sun? Makari De Suisse supplies the answers to all of your skin care wants and needs. For the past 10 years, Makari has been improving the lives of women across the globe with their top-notch skin care products. By increasing your confidence with beautiful skin, you’ll naturally become more radiant and positive than ever before.

All women desire to look and feel young, yet often don’t know that a product can help them achieve this. Makari Oralight is an oral supplement that promotes a melanin balance that will prevent unwanted pigmentation from forming while protecting skin from free radical damage. This represents the first step to looking as young as you feel. For a gentle topical treatment, I highly recommend Makari’s Tonic, a purifying and cleansing toner. The tonic lotion is best when used one to two times per day. It’s state-of-the-art formulation deeply cleanses the skin to close pores and control serum activity. While the cleanse is deep, Makari’s Skin Lightening Cream is also gentle on skin and boosts blood circulation to improve cellular metabolism and the look of your skin.

If you desire the “just returned from a beach vacation” glow without the skin damage that accompanies it, look no further than the Makari summer classic kit. This complete kit provides products to cleanse, lighten and clear, and hydrate, all in an attractive cosmetic bag. The clarifying exfoliating antiseptic soap works to remove dirt, oil, and dead cells to rejuvenate your skin. Next, apply the day treatment cream to clear any imperfections or unwanted pigmentation discolorations.

Remember, with Makari age is just a number, nothing more.

Ken Goodrich Is Helping Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Get Bigger

Ken Goodrich bought out Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to make sure that the company could have a better way of growing its client base and business. Ken Goodrich is a very good businessman, and he is making the company into a place where people want to come for their air conditioning services. There is always a need for air conditioning service in Arizona, and that is something that people need to have so that they can be comfortable. Everyone who wants to get better air conditioning service in Arizona is going to find it when they come to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning according to PR Newswire.

The air conditioning service that is brought to people by Goettl will help them make sure that their homes feel cool, and they will be sure that they get the best customer service that has been instituted by Ken Goodrich and his team. There are a lot of people who are going to be very appreciative of the fact that the technicians are all so nice. No customer is left without a good experience, and Ken Goodrich makes sure that all the people working for him meet this high standard of service.

The customer experience at Goettl Air Conditioning has been the best in the business, and everyone who calls out to make sure they can get their air conditioners serviced before it gets really hot outside. The services have to be done to make sure that the units will work, and that is why Ken Goodrich set up a service that will offer all the services people need.