Using Multi-Variate Testing to Proposed Combinations on a Website

Because there is no exact science to designing a website, web designers usually have the freedom to create a unique design that attracts visitors to their web pages. While the designer does have a certain amount of freedom to make modifications that may or may not perform as it should, there are some rules and guidelines that must be adhered to if the site is going to reach the top of the major search engines like Google. Also, if the designer expects visitors to return to the site, again and again, they must take into consideration which elements on a website are user-friendly and those that may cause potential visual or navigation problems. Therefore, prior to implementing and launching a website live, the developer must be able to test out different elements of the site based a certain type of testing method. It does not matter if the design is for a mobile device or a website on a desktop computer, the elements in any design should be appropriately optimized to perform well financially.

Consider Different Testing Methods

To ensure each design of a website is optimized, there needs to be a certain amount of testing performed. In general, the best kind of testing methods will not only cover things that the developer does not expect but also provide essential information that makes the design more friendly and easy to navigate for all users. To that end, the type of testing that many developers use in their testing normally involves multi-variate testing.

Benefits of Multi-variate Testing and Identifying the Best Possible Combinations

Multi-variate Testing can be very beneficial for a wide range of different situations and reasons since it can be used to determine different combinations with the best possible outcomes. For instance, if the designer is not sure which combinations of headlines and photos to display on their official web page, they may use multi-variate testing scenarios to identify which version is the best option. In fact, if the developer wants to find the best combination, they may choose to create at least 6 versions to test prior to making their decision.

Drawbacks to Using Multi-Variate Testing on a Web page

Though there are many great benefits to using multi-variate testing, web designers should also know that there are some drawbacks too. Specifically, when the designer elects to tests 4 or more versions at a time. Unfortunately, when this is the case, the traffic that comes to the site is split into too many portions. So, the results may not be as creditable as one may think.