Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries Have Demonstrated How Much They Care About The People In Their Community

You can tell how much a company really cares about the community it by how it responds when a natural disaster hits. When Hurricane Harvey struck, Houston and other parts of Texas were a disaster zone, and Nabors Industries stepped up and offered a huge helping hand.

Since Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is already passionate about helping people in need, it wasn’t a far stretch to imagine that he would be part of something amazing that would help the state of Texas that he loves so much. Instead of just sitting back and letting everyone else get their hands dirty, he allowed the employees to take paid time off while they helped with the relief efforts. The employees of Nabors Industries were extremely helpful, and they helped people in Houston and up and down the Gulf Coast.

Tony Petrello put down $173,622 of his own money to match donations that the employees of Nabors Industries made. The company also helped families in the area by serving up three hot meals every day from its own kitchen. Since one out of every ten employees of Nabors Industries felt the effects of Hurrican Harvey, the company was well aware of the damage it had done, and people in the effected areas were also well aware of Nabors Industries because of the help the company offered them.

Nabors Industries, and Tony Petrello, have always helped people when crises has struck. The company has supported Bike MS, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Nabors Charitable Foundation, which has provided scholarships for education for its employees and their children. Tony Petrello, himself, has donated millions of dollars to help kids who have neurological disorders, and a lot of his donations have gone to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Without his donations, the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute would not have been started at the Texas Children’s Hospital, which researches and creates new treatments for kids with disorders.

Tony Petrello joined up with Nabors Industries in 1991 when he was elected to be a part of the Nabors Board of Directors as well as the Executive Committee of the Board. Before becoming the company’s Chief Executive Officer in 2011, he served as its Chief Operating Officer. Tony brings so much to the table, and a big part of what he does is to create strategies and plans that hold up to the test of time. Mr. Petrello earned his Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s Degree in Mathematics while attending Yale University.

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