Bruno Fagali’s Legal Advice To His Clients

Bruno Fagali is an affordable and a reputable law attorney with his areas of expertise being Business Law which entails Urban, Administrative and Regulatory Law at length. He resides in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bruno Fagali began his education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a degree in Law; this was in 2009. Thereafter, he went back to the same institution in 2012 for his Master’s degree in Administrative Law. Being a passionate learner, he went and ahead and enrolled in a master’s degree program in State Law at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali began practicing as a certified lawyer in 2006 and has worked with various law firms. Currently, he is working with Nova/SB as a Corporate Integrity Manager and also works in his firm, FAGALI Advocacy which specializes majorly in Business Law. With the experience that he has gained over the years, he has helped many entrepreneurs with their legal matters and has also constantly advised them to be hiring attorneys when faced with court cases.


Additionally, he assures them that seeking legal advice is the key in solving such issues because attorneys’ major concern is to see their clients win cases despite the complexities involved. Moreover, Bruno Fagali also gives them ways of getting in touch with effective lawyers who would provide excellent legal solutions to them. He says that one can get a good lawyer by getting in touch with an honorable law firm or by asking friends who have had reputable attorneys for a recommendation.

Bruno Fagali believes that things can get tough when it comes to legal matters while trying to keep businesses and every other thing running. He, therefore, handles his clients’ cases diligently through thorough assessments to ensure that each of them navigates through their cases successfully.

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Karl Heideck; Making A Difference In The Legal Sector

The advocates of the rights of workers in Philadelphia banded together to orchestrate the passing of a revolutionary law earlier this year. The Mayor signed a law on the 23rd of January that restricts companies in the private sector from enquiring about the salary histories of applicants. The law also prohibits employers from punishing job applicants who refuse to disclose these details. This made Philadelphia the first city in the U.S to adopt such a law. The law affects all businesses that operate in Philly. A party could be fined two thousand dollars for every violation if it fails to comply. The law attracted interest from major stakeholders and employers even before it was signed.

One of the major setbacks was when the Chamber of Commerce filed a motion seeking an injunction. Karl Heideck is a risk management and compliance attorney. He believes that this will not hinder it from going into effect in the long run. Heideck believes that Philly was only the first region in the country to pass the pay-gap law. There have been increasing signs that other jurisdictions such as California, Washington D.C, and Massachusetts will follow the same route. Heideck studied at Swarthmore College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. He joined the James Beasley School of Law at Temple University where he earned his Juris Doctor. Visit This Page to learn more.

Karl Heideck joined Conrad O’Brien in Philadelphia as an associate lawyer in 2010. He represented both individual and corporate clients in commercial litigation cases. Heideck left the firm after eight months to become an attorney at Pepper Hamilton, LLP. He joined Hire Counsel as a contract attorney in 2015. His responsibilities include reviewing discovery materials involving securities fraud and litigation in the banking sector. Heideck participates in weekly conferences with other counsels where they review protocol to see where they can make improvements.

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