FreedomPop Grows as Customers Find Out About Free Cell Phone Services

FreedomPop is the awesome new way that people are finding out about ways to save on their phone bills. It can become something of a nightmare to have a phone bill that has you paying for fees, overages and data plans that you don’t even use. FreedomPop is the company that has given people the ability to save money, and this is all that most people need to know.


The FreedomPop services that consumers can obtain include free cell phone and Internet services for the home. Customers do not have to chose both, but many customers sign up for both after they discover that the Internet service is free. Both of these bills can really attack a homeowner’s budget. It makes a lot more sense for homeowners that are looking for ways to save to consider what FreedomPop has to offer. This is one of the most creative ways to save money.


The FreedomPop services have become popular largely because there is a great word of mouth buzz about the company. People that get to chance to glance at the average FreedomPop review will understand that they can get the basics, no frills cell phone and Internet services without spending a fortune. Most consumers get right to the point when they talk about this. FreedomPop, as a free service, is excellent for those people that don’t really do a ton of talking or texting.


At the other end of the scope, there are people that need their phones to communicate and they spend all day draining their batteries to do so. For these types of customers there is a paid FreedomPop services that gives them unlimited data. This is good for the customers that may have assumed that they could not go with the free basic FreedomPop plans. This is much better than any type of plan on the market through the major cell phone carriers.


What consumers will notice is that the FreedomPop unlimited plan is designed as a low cost alternative. It is $20. Other unlimited plans with T-Mobile or Sprint may cost more than $100. That is why many customers are deciding to make the low cost alternative switch.