Classic Humor That Remains Timeless


Animated Movies

Watching good movies has always been a favorite pass time for many families. Comedies, in particular, have a way of making people laugh and see the world differently. In the entertainment industry, animated cartoons are among the favorite, with many audiences. Over the years, the creators of animated cartoons have strived to communicate humor, satire, and joy through different characters in their TV productions on some of the best black cartoons of all time.


Homer Simpson


Homer Simpson is arguably one of the most popular animated cartoon characters in television.  The show portrays a modern family consisting of a father, Homer Simpson, his wife, Madge Simpson, and their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The supporting characters include a nosy neighbor, family doctor, local barman, and Homers parents. Homer Simpson, who is the protagonist in the show, is a carefree, lazy, and overweight individual. Despite being the head of the family, his actions and behaviors are mostly reckless, insensitive, selfish, and idiotic. However, the audience relates to Homer as he remains committed and devoted to his family.


Fred Flintstones


Fred Flintstone is a comedic character in an animated Television classic; The Flinstones. As the main character of the show, Fred Flintstone portrays the struggles of a hardworking man trying to provide for his family. Through wit and humor, Fred strives to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. The audience grows to love and adore Fred despite his loud mouth and aggressive personality.