Getting Familiar With Oncology Through Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny became an Oncology professor in the year 2009. He has written more than one hundred and seventy reviews and articles. He is the editor in chief of Cell Cycle. He has varied interests in cellular biology and also fundamental science.

He has studied various pathways from cancer to aging. He is a scientist who studies cancer and aging. He has been to the Pavlov State Medical University, and he completed his MD in Internal Medicine there. He also finished his Ph.D. in Cardiology from the Pavlov University.

It was the skills and experience that he got in various places that enabled him to be an excellent professor. He had varied interests in research namely anti-aging drugs, cancer and other cancer therapies for guarding the healthy cells. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Mr. Blagosklonny is also the editor of Oncotarget. He is the associate editor of cancer biology. He has advocated using the drug Rapamycin that helps in treating cancer. His research also includes clinical investigations. It has got ontogenesis, anticancer therapeutics, and mitosis.

Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny also takes a keen interest in writing on topics like chemotherapeutic engineering. He has a notion that it is possible to control cancer and aging. It was Mikhael’s sheer devotion that has led to the accomplishment of the largest Oncology researcher in the world. He adores humanity and wants to see the society completely free from diseases.

Role at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Mr. Blagosklonny with help in the development of various anti-cancer strategies and assist in cancer therapy and how to prevent it.

Mr. Blagosklonny’s hypothesis on role of TOR signaling in aging and cancer

Mr. Blagosklonny has found out that TOR signaling with the help of rapamycin which is useful cancer drug, can be utilized in the prevention of aging.

Education and Work History

Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny got his first degree in Ph.D. in internal medicine from the Pavlov State Medical University in the year 2002. He became the medicine associate professor at New York Medical College. Due to his passion towards researching cancer, he got selected as an Oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His research is based on the treatment of cancer.

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