Bob Reina And The New Wave Of Technology

Recently, Tampa Patch posted an article entitled, “Bob Reina Introduces New Talk Fusion Software That Features WebRTC Technology“, written by Wanda Mitchell. In this article, they discuss the recently improved version of Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings that was released not long ago.


Live Meetings uses the WebRTC system.


Like the name implies, this software is used for connecting with others when face to face meeting is not possible. Some of the features of live meetings include one-way videos, video conferences, and the ability for users to access it through their web browsers without a separate download. Like other Talk Fusion software, Live Meetings uses modern technology to bring the best features to consumers.


Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion.


Reina is a man known not only for his sense of humor but for his intelligence and leadership skills. He got the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004 when he was unable to attach a simple 10-second video in an email to show to his loved ones. He concocted an idea that he was proud of and then partnered with his friend in the IT industry, a friend named Dr. Jonathan Chen. Together, Reina and Chen created Talk Fusion and introduced their revolutionary Video Email.


Bob Reina has said that he brings his ideas to life by finding a need that the people have and then simply discovering a way to fulfill that need. These are the principles and ideas that he has used to make Talk Fusion flourish. Learn more: