The Work of Malcolm CasSelle

OPSKins is the world leader in both in-game virtual assets and bitcoin merchanting. OpSkins is led by its CIO, Malcolm CasSelle. He is also president of its new virtual trading platform, WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX uses a blockchain technology powered by a complex and unique algorithm. Most blockchain’s systems are controlled by a Proof of Work system. WAX’s system differs in that it makes it more democratic for users who vote on the delegates (guilds). The number of votes your guild receives determines its ranking.

WAXing Lyrical: Malcolm CasSelle Interview

CasSelle began his career by earning a B.A from MIT and an M.A. from Standford University. These degrees were in the area of Computer Science. From the mid-1990s and for the next few years CasSelle led a lengthy string of digital startups. He began this long line of business leadership by co-founding and serving as CTO of NetNoir in 1995. Some highlights of those many years: From 1998 to 2002 he served as senior vice president of Pacific Century CyberWorks. From 2006 to 2013 he managed investments at Capital Union Investments. In 2013, he became CEO of MediaPass, a role he has maintained.

He served as CEO of Time Labs until it was acquired by SeaChange International in 2015. So CasSelle joined the SeaChange team. He was then Senior Vice President Digital Media for SeaChange International. He has as CTO and president of New Ventures since 2016. It was just last year that he also became the president of WAX. WAX can support more than 400 million online players at the same time. During his many professional years in the digital world, CasSell has also heavily invested in Facebook, Zynga, and various blockchains. In addition, he has been instrumental in making multiple businesses worth billions of dollars. CasSelle also speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin.


Futurist Jason Hope Envisions The Internet of Things As Crucial Market

Smart devices and wi-fi enabled home products are a growing sector of the technology industry. From devices such as smart lights, washing machines, dryers, cookware, home electronics and much more are classified among the products in The Internet of Things. Items in this category can sync with one another on the same network to increase efficiency and ease of use.Jason Hope, noted author and entrepreneur in the tech industry, has gone on the record as stating the Internet of Things will exceed its current position in the market and become crucial to a company finding success in the years to come.

His writings at share his vision for this innovation in technology.Hope feels major companies will be making major investments in creating smart products; small business will need to challenge themselves to keep pace with their larger competitors. He expounded that while most consumers currently use their phone almost immediately upon waking, this will soon include activities like using wi-fi enabled devices to start the coffee, turn lights on and off, and get ready for their day. This was only one example of the ways smart devices will begin to saturate daily life.

Jason Hope Articles is considered a leader in the future technologies sector. His focus is on improving life through technology and medicine. He stays true to his Arizona roots by graduating from Arizona State University and residing in Scottsdale. He has multiple business and political interest including a consulting service and a grant program for inventors.On his website Hope offers links to articles he has written as well as other pertinent items to the technology in Internet of Things industry. He also features a section dedicated to technology development and a submission form to his grant competition. For those looking to join with this exciting philanthropist and entrepreneur, a contact information form is available to submit to become part of his consulting business.

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Jason Hope Explains Internet of things Technology in the Airline Industry

The internet of things(IOT) technology is finally here. The ability of objects to communicate to each other over the web is changing the way things are done. According to Garter Inc, 25 million objects will be connected by 2020.The new technology is affecting the airline industry, and the executives must pay attention. Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur who shared the following insights on the same.


Every part of the Boeing 787s is connected to a wireless network. This way, there is a real-time collection and analyzing of data. In case a section of the plane is performing poorly, mechanics are ready for it even before it lands.In addition to this, sensors are helping monitor the state of safety items on the plane, giving the travelers a piece of mind.

Customer Service

Through IOT, check-in’s have been made easy. Airlines are now sending boarding passes via email. At the airport, sensors can direct passengers on where exactly they need to go and even alert them their plane is about to take off. In case you are not comfortable on your seat, sensors can detect this and alert a crew member correct the situation.Imagine if you could track your luggage virtually in the airport? Or better still, if your luggage if your luggage could sense and find you? This is now possible.

Fuel Efficiency

Airlines like AirAsia have adopted the GE Aviation technology for saving using energy efficiently. This is done through analyzing of trajectory, terrain conditions, navigation routes and similar data.According to Jason, this is just the beginning, IOT will take over other industries as well.

About Jason Hope

John is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist, and investor with a keen interest in technology, education, disease cure, biotechnology and scientific research. He grew up in Tempe and obtained a finance degree from Arizona State University.He likes indulging in politics to understand its relation to business. Mr. Hope’s generous spirit saw him make a $500,000 contribution to the SENS foundation; a research project that aims to fight age-related diseases.