Top Three Places to Visit to Get in Touch with Nature

One of the best things of life is to discover the incredible different features of the world around you. There are a multitude of natural wonders to visit around the world, incredible natural structures, vast forests, huge mountains, soothing climates and unusual flora.


Nature is one of the biggest factors that make people want to travel to exquisite places around the world in the most amazing countries and corners. There is no doubt that there is a lot to see before you can even say “I have already seen what nature has to offer.”


In the following list, we will be revealing and reviewing three places that you can go to meet some of the most incredible doings that nature has gifted the world with. These are major locations that you probably already heard about, but are definitely in many tourist’s top places you have to visit before you die.


Great Barrier Reef


This barrier is an enormous and extensive underwater reef that is full of wildlife and incredible formations that have made scientists all over the world impressed with the width of the great barrier reef. To have a sense of the grandeur of the reef, it packs more than 1,200 miles of crystal waters along the coastline. To get in touch with the underwater life and the best of what can be discovered in the shallow waters, this is the place to visit.


Grand Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone, Wyoming


You have certainly seen pictures of this location already, one of the most impressive collections of bubbling thermal waters in the whole world. Like natural pools of scalding water in the middle of a breathtaking forest & beach formation, it provides some of the coolest pictures without a doubt.




This used to be part of Yugoslavia, and it has a very deep forest & mountain formation that goes way beyond what your eyes can reach, leaving you with a beautiful, almost frightening vision of mountains covered in green everywhere. It is one of the most extensive pieces of natural environment almost left untouched, packed with ancient cities that have very exquisite architectural design from the ancient inhabitants.


The last entry is also a great opportunity to talk about the ever-increasing issue of flora being capitalized on, reducing the possibility of visiting these magnificent places for future generations.


There is a group called Wild Ark that aims to secure parts of forests and green landscapes and prevent the illegal consumption or the excessive deforestation from happening.


The Wild Ark has secured many places, and it is formed by a group of people committed to helping the wildlife survive for future generations and current generations alike to learn how to live in harmony with nature.You can learn more about the group here: