Julie Zuckerberg’s Commitment to Banking Professionals

As an executive recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg has to be prepared to interact with many different banking professionals on a daily basis. She is able to learn a lot about them through the different opportunities that they are trying to take advantage of and this has allowed her the chance to make the right decisions for the banking institutions that she has worked for. Throughout her career, she has hired everyone from business executives to lower level positions. She has worked with banking companies as well as insurance companies. Julie Zuckerberg has even come up with her own strategies to make hiring at the banks easier.


While her main focus is on the professionals that the bank is interested in, Julie Zuckerberg is able to recruit anyone that she would like. She often uses things like the Internet and social media to help her find the perfect recruits. She also uses traditional methods like mixers and even events where many professionals are able to showcase their skills. Doing this gives her a chance to make the right decisions across all platforms so that she will be able to find the best people for the bank that she works with.


Julie Zuckerberg has almost always been a recruit for banks. She enjoys the environment and thinks that it is one of the best ones for finding the right people. Julie knows that the right environment can make a huge difference in the bank and can make it easier for people to get what they need from the banking experience. When it comes to the banks that she is familiar with, Julie Zuckerberg knows that it is necessary to have the best recruits on-hand. She also knows that her commitment to finding the people for the bank helps to set her apart from recruiters at other banks.


Even though Julie enjoys working in a banking environment the most, there are other things that she has done. Before she worked at her current position with Deutsche Bank, Julie worked with the New York Life Insurance Company. This was an opportunity that she took because she wanted to diversify and she knew that it would be something that she could learn from. She used this as a learning experience, though, and continued to look for more positions with banks. The insurance recruitment world taught her more about other industries but it did not fit as easily as the banking industry.


When Julie Zuckerberg is not working with banks and trying to find recruits for them, she is doing everything that she can to enjoy her life. She likes to explore the city. She also likes photography and the arts. Julie runs often and all around the New York City. She can also be found at art galleries and photography showcases while she is not working. Zuckerberg even has her own camera that she uses as an amateur photographer. It is a hobby that helps her to relax after hours at the office with new recruits.


Betsyt DeVos Proves Her Education And Philanthropic Credentials

There have always been a few individuals who have impressed me over the course of the last few decades, but few have had the lasting impact on the U.S. that I feel Betsy DeVos has had through her work as an education reformer. I do not believe there can be any doubt remaining about the success Holland, Michigan native Mrs. DeVos has achieved in the arena of education as she has become a major force in the growing campaign to reform the education system that Betsy DeVos joined in its infancy over three decades ago. The February 2017 confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education should, I believe, be seen as the graduate of Calvin College reaching the pinnacle of the reform movement that she has reached on a personal level and as a sign the education reform movement is now a mainstream force. Read more on Cleveland.com

In an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable I recently read, Betsy DeVos revealed she has spent a large amount of her time for three decades trying to make the U.S. education system as fair as possible. The area we have often seen discussed in the press about Mrs. DeVos is her push to bring more school choice and school voucher systems to the fore, but her own career has seen the co-founder of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation work in the Michigan public school system in a number of roles; I was always impressed by the devotion shown to the students of Michigan in her role as an advocate for at risk students she has worked with and on behalf of for decades. In terms of her education reform work, I believe the work of Mrs. DeVos has had a positive impact on the state of Michigan and the nation as a whole as she has seen growing levels of success in the charter schools she has helped establish across Michigan and the U.S.

I have not only been impressed with the work completed by Betsy DeVos in the educational arena, but she has also been a major part of a number of charitable groups and business ventures undertaken through The Windquest Group she helped establish alongside husband Dick DeVos. Betsy DeVos looks to back business ventures and philanthropic opportunities she believes are close to her own heart and express her own view of the world; I have been impressed with the backing given to the Willow Creek organization that seeks to help individuals become leaders with a strong moral center. A range of business ventures have also been backed by Mrs. DeVos, including one I believe is important in the form of boxed water that can have a great impact on areas affected by disasters. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

How Julie Zuckerberg manages complex recruitments issues

Julie Zuckerberg is currently working as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank. But she has a massive portfolio of experience in leading the recruitment process in some of the most prominent organizations in the country.  She has managed a number of top level and critical recruitment assignments in her career while leading the complete recruitment process in a number of diversified companies in multiple sectors. The reason behind her success is her unique approach and dedication she puts behind every recruitment assignments.



Unlike other recruiters, Julie prefers to work with the management right from the beginning. She works meticulously with the managers and supervisors to develop a complete profile for every vacancy and uses this to find out the best and potential candidates. She has a strong network in the recruitment industry that she uses to source good candidates who would best meet the requirement of the organization. She always puts a focus on ensuring that there is a good fit between the candidates and the organization so that each of these two can benefit. She has intensive knowledge on HR policies and practices that she utilizes to ensure the both the employees and organizations are working in a good environment and pursuing business target with the same zeal. This is how; Julie has been serving businesses needs through the best talents.



Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. But she was involved with recruitment process from a long time. He worked as Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson from 2002 to 2007. At that time, she was involved with recruiting advocates, paralegals, managers, and support staff with legal, finance and corporate background. She provided all sorts of employee related services to the staff and also served a link between clients and employees to resolve any workplace related issues. After this position, she joined Citi Global Functions as Executive recruiter. In that position, she specialized on comprehensive top level recruitment services and functions for senior level vacancies in different portfolios including but not limiting to Legal, Audit, and Compliance. After working here for 4 years, she became the Executive Recruiter of Citi Global Consumer Bank and developed a number of intuitive strategies for senior level recruitment as well as HR process improvement. At that, she started working with different partners, sourcing agencies to build up a massive network in the professional job market. She also worked in New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President of Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead for a short while 2014.



After this, Julie Zuckerberg joined as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition in Deutsche Bank in 2014. She carried out some important and senior level recruitment assignments in this bank and due to her excellent work, she became the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead after a year. Her current role mostly focuses on Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO where she works with the management to find out the best candidates for this bank.



Julie is based in New York and she has a keen interest on Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Civil Rights and Social Action.

Helane Morrison: Knowing The Law And Knowing Rights

These days, it is important for one to know the law and know the rights. For one thing, a lot of people are all about seeing how far they can go without breaking the law. Unfortunately, they find themselves breaking laws that they don’t know about. While it is important to know the laws, it is also important for people to know their rights. For one thing, people are always trying to get over on others. It is not the lower class people. It is the corporations and financial institutions that are participating in unethical practices. The most frustrating part is that they get away with it. Fortunately, there is an advocate for people that are getting cheated by the institutions.


One advocate that is trustworthy is Helane Morrison. She is someone that knows the law and knows how to use it to her advantage. She takes on a lot of cases in the financial institutions. When she finds that a financial institution is violating boundaries, she will investigate them and sanction them for their acts against the client. This is so that the financial industry could work in a more regulated manner.


One thing that Helane Morrison is to shift things in the favor of the client. Laws and regulations have been put in place to protect people who don’t have as much in their pockets as the institutions. Helane has been so dedicated to the work that she has done that she has become a leader of her own group of compliance officers. In a male driven industry, this is actually one of the best achievements that one could hope for.


Malini Saba Encourages Others

I cannot say that I come across people in the business world that have managed to encourage others, but Malini Saba is one such person. She has been able to build a very successful financial firm, but she has also managed to be an encouragement to others. I think that her ability to rise up and simply take advantages of the information that was laid out before her has made her an inspiration.

There are tons of people that have access to all types of information in this day and age, but many people still make excuses on a regular basis. I have seen so many people that are broken and distraught over not being able to save for retirement or find jobs that pay well. Malini Saba could have taken the same road to complaining and getting disgruntled about the injustices of this world. She didn’t spend her time this way though. When she came to America she was living off of very little money.

She didn’t have any fancy clothes and expensive technology for researching investments. She had access to lectures, and she learned about investing through these free lectures about finances. After she received a little knowledge this way she would continue to educate herself and build her reputation as a prominent investor. As time progressed I believed that that her drive and determination would be the thing that would propel her to a career as the founder as Saban, a financial investing firm.

I think that Malini Saba can serve as a motivational leader to anyone that has ever said that they cannot do something. She is living proof that the only restrictions any person has are the restrictions that a person puts on themselves. I have been very intrigued with her philanthropy. She has risen from someone that didn’t have much to become someone that is helping women across the globe. She knows that there are a lot of at-risk women. Saba cannot save everyone, but she is trying to help others help themselves. Her ability to save some will inevitably lead these women to help others. Malini Saba may not know it, but she is building a legacy in the business world.

Helane Morrison Wants People To Benefit From The Corporate World

For almost 10 years Helane Morrison has been hearing about the bad financial crash at then end of 2007. The people making these complaints are individuals that lost their money. All of these complaints pushed Helane to create her own firm to help private and small business investors.

The firm created by Helane Morrison is different than any other firm on the market. This firm is all about the corporate world being level ground with a small investor. Helane is forcing the corporate world to get on level ground; she’s doing this with the use of several different tactics.

Helane’s first tactic is to make the company receiving the money provide proof that they are on the right track. Helane will not let any of her clients invest with a company that is not showing great potential. The company has to prove that they are going be doing at least 80% better in the next seven months. This is so Helane can insure her clients that they will be making their money back with interest in the near future.

Helane has also put together her own investigation team. She has individuals on salary for the whole purpose of investigating companies. These investigators search out good investments every single day. They challenge them inside and out to make sure they are indeed good investments and not just high companies waiting to collapse.

Helane Morrison is one of the most hardworking women in all of San Francisco. She runs Hall Capital Partners, her investment firm, with sternness. Everyone is investigated before they are hired, and all of her clients are investigated before she agrees to work with them.

Helane worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission of San Francisco. Every single day she would hear horror stories of how people were getting ripped off by investment companies. She observed the law take action and do all they can to help these individuals.

This is what made Helane want to give up her position in the exchange commission and start her own investment firm. Helane also practiced law at various firms. She knows the financial aspect of the market as well as the full legal aspect of the market, too.