An Introduction to U.K. Vintners

Many residents of Great Britain and frequent visitors have made the rounds of the most popular tourist sites, many more than once. There is so much to see throughout the country whether you are interested in history, architecture or any number of categories. But there may be one you haven’t explored yet -UK Vintners.

This may not be a subject you would have thought about right away, but actually it has been a part of the culture since Roman times and has continued to grow and expand, especially since the 1950 resurgence into the market. There is much history about UK Vintners and more details if that is your interest. This is the Worshipful Company of Vintners and has fantastic historical information and a host of interesting details.

If you want to make a more personal foray into UK Vintners you may want to consider booking one of the many tours and events that celebrate the wines and vintners of the various regions and pick your favorite areas to explore. English Wine Producers offers an easy introduction to the events and tours throughout the UK. It is easy to find a tour in a specific area or a special event to attend. Its a wonderful way to experience the variety and innovations in UK wines and become familiar with the most popular merchants.

Whether you want to consider a pre-arranged tour or design your own you can find that information on their website. Take advantage of their knowledge and planning and review the current events schedule to find your favored activity.

Here are two popular current events that may peak your interest and more are listed above.

Harrow Wine Festival Feb 3-4, 2017 Grims Dyke Hotel, Old Redding Ph. 0208 385 3100

Warden Abbey Vineyard: Pruning Session and Workshop Feb 11-13, 2017, Biggleswade, Ph. 07981 113714

Many offer active participation and benefits for guests and you can find any level of interest from wine tasting to workshops and tutorials. This could be a great gift for your favorite wine aficionado. You can even decide to go as a group and plan a memorable outing.

If you are looking for special wines for yourself or as gifts look no further than Vintage Wine Gifts.

As you get to know more about the UK Vintners you will be intrigued by their rich history and traditions and the variety of vineyards throughout the UK. Come along and visit the UK today and don’t forget to include a special wine tour in your itinerary.

How Julie Zuckerberg manages complex recruitments issues

Julie Zuckerberg is currently working as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank. But she has a massive portfolio of experience in leading the recruitment process in some of the most prominent organizations in the country.  She has managed a number of top level and critical recruitment assignments in her career while leading the complete recruitment process in a number of diversified companies in multiple sectors. The reason behind her success is her unique approach and dedication she puts behind every recruitment assignments.



Unlike other recruiters, Julie prefers to work with the management right from the beginning. She works meticulously with the managers and supervisors to develop a complete profile for every vacancy and uses this to find out the best and potential candidates. She has a strong network in the recruitment industry that she uses to source good candidates who would best meet the requirement of the organization. She always puts a focus on ensuring that there is a good fit between the candidates and the organization so that each of these two can benefit. She has intensive knowledge on HR policies and practices that she utilizes to ensure the both the employees and organizations are working in a good environment and pursuing business target with the same zeal. This is how; Julie has been serving businesses needs through the best talents.



Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. But she was involved with recruitment process from a long time. He worked as Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson from 2002 to 2007. At that time, she was involved with recruiting advocates, paralegals, managers, and support staff with legal, finance and corporate background. She provided all sorts of employee related services to the staff and also served a link between clients and employees to resolve any workplace related issues. After this position, she joined Citi Global Functions as Executive recruiter. In that position, she specialized on comprehensive top level recruitment services and functions for senior level vacancies in different portfolios including but not limiting to Legal, Audit, and Compliance. After working here for 4 years, she became the Executive Recruiter of Citi Global Consumer Bank and developed a number of intuitive strategies for senior level recruitment as well as HR process improvement. At that, she started working with different partners, sourcing agencies to build up a massive network in the professional job market. She also worked in New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President of Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead for a short while 2014.



After this, Julie Zuckerberg joined as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition in Deutsche Bank in 2014. She carried out some important and senior level recruitment assignments in this bank and due to her excellent work, she became the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead after a year. Her current role mostly focuses on Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO where she works with the management to find out the best candidates for this bank.



Julie is based in New York and she has a keen interest on Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Civil Rights and Social Action.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Invests In The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign

Highland Capital Management‘s co-founder, James Dondero, recently announced that the company had given a $1 million grant challenge to assist The Family Place. The grant will help the organization that supports family violence victims in Dallas to raise the final $2.8 million for its Legacy Campaign.

According to the Dallas Links, James Dondero made the announcement during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that took place in Dallas’ Hilton Anatole.

The grant is administered via Highland’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The company will match by half of any funds raised up to a tune of $1 million for the Legacy Campaign until April 2017. Since the announcement was made, the organization has raised $200,000 toward the campaign. This amount will be matched with $100,000 from Highland’s grant.

James Dondero pointed out that Highland’s grant is a response to a call to action made by Mike Rawlings, the Dallas Mayor, and David Brown, Dallas’s Police chief. The two asked the community to assist in solving the family violence problem in Dallas.

James Dondero also noted that Highland’s management was impressed by how the organization had implemented the concept. He said that they were proud to contribute to such a campaign alongside other thoughtful members of the community.

This facility is meant for family violence victims and is named in honor of Ann Moody. The Ann Moody Place comprises of a centralized call center, dental clinic, medical clinic, and 13 emergency shelter rooms.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. Under his leadership, Highland has grown steadily.

Currently, it has more than $19 billion in assets. Additionally, it offers award-winning products and innovative solutions for retail and institutional investors.

His career began as an analyst in 1984 at the Morgan Guaranty Training Program immediately after graduating from the University of Virginia. Dondero went on to work for American Express and GIC prior to creating Highland Capital Management. He is a Certified Management Accountant. In addition, Dondero is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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Reviewing Don Ressler And His Contribution To Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Across Europe, there is a huge market for different types of products. However, this does not mean you can easily get your business to rank well in the vast market. Just like many markets, the European region is one of the most competitive and businesses that manage to overcome the competition are the ones that eventually record success.

Don Ressler’s experience as an entrepreneur spans more than 15 years and he has been working on his already established businesses to keep them at the top of the chain. His first attempt at business led him to launch, a company that specialized in fitness products. He ran the business for few years and in that period he was able to acquire vital skills like marketing and management. Being his first business, he had to overcome a host of challenges that stretched from lack of proper marketing tools on Crunchbase to slow responsiveness of the business.

Alena Media
In 2001, he decided to try out something different and this led him to sell the company to Intermix Media. This was a vital transaction that allowed him to come across Adam Goldenberg, who later became a business partner on Together, they launched Alena Media, a company they devoted to offering marketing services. This appeared a brilliant idea because not many companies offered such services in the competitive online environment.

Intelligent Beauty
After massive success with the business, they felt they could use the experience to manage a bigger company on This allowed them to sell Alena Media in 2005 to focus on building their new idea. In 2008, they launched Intelligent Beauty, a beauty outlet that stocks all types of beauty products. Intelligent Beauty is a profitable company and continues to grow more than seven years after inception.

About JustFab
Don Ressler and his partner moved ahead and founded JustFab in 2010 to serve the fashion market that was fast growing. The company operates on a subscription system that offers members exclusive rights to enjoy specific deals. In 2011, they approached Matrix Ventures for funding to expand the company and they were given $33 million. This amount only funded the infrastructure, so they had to apply for more. They proceeded to several venture capitals in 2012 and came back with $76 million that allowed them to build the company to penetrate into other regions like Germany and Canada. Source:

FreedomPop Grows as Customers Find Out About Free Cell Phone Services

FreedomPop is the awesome new way that people are finding out about ways to save on their phone bills. It can become something of a nightmare to have a phone bill that has you paying for fees, overages and data plans that you don’t even use. FreedomPop is the company that has given people the ability to save money, and this is all that most people need to know.


The FreedomPop services that consumers can obtain include free cell phone and Internet services for the home. Customers do not have to chose both, but many customers sign up for both after they discover that the Internet service is free. Both of these bills can really attack a homeowner’s budget. It makes a lot more sense for homeowners that are looking for ways to save to consider what FreedomPop has to offer. This is one of the most creative ways to save money.


The FreedomPop services have become popular largely because there is a great word of mouth buzz about the company. People that get to chance to glance at the average FreedomPop review will understand that they can get the basics, no frills cell phone and Internet services without spending a fortune. Most consumers get right to the point when they talk about this. FreedomPop, as a free service, is excellent for those people that don’t really do a ton of talking or texting.


At the other end of the scope, there are people that need their phones to communicate and they spend all day draining their batteries to do so. For these types of customers there is a paid FreedomPop services that gives them unlimited data. This is good for the customers that may have assumed that they could not go with the free basic FreedomPop plans. This is much better than any type of plan on the market through the major cell phone carriers.


What consumers will notice is that the FreedomPop unlimited plan is designed as a low cost alternative. It is $20. Other unlimited plans with T-Mobile or Sprint may cost more than $100. That is why many customers are deciding to make the low cost alternative switch.

Executives of Waiakea Water Discuss the Benefits of Alkalizing the Body

The executive team of the Waiakea Water company recently discussed the health benefits that present themselves when humans properly alkalize their bodies. The CEO of Waiakea stated that the company provides all natural volcanic water to citizens around the globe in an effort to reduce diet-related illnesses that are caused by a buildup of acidity in the body.

According to Organic Authority, executives from the Waiakea Spring distribution company have stated that the company has developed a goal to provide information to their consumers and the general public about the benefits of alkalizing the body in an effort to prevent debilitating, diet-related illnesses, increase the awareness of beneficial and all-natural treatments for diseases, and contribute to the overall well being of humanity.

Prevention of Debilitating, Diet-Related Illnesses

Studies have consistently shown that cancers and other devastating diseases that are now prominent in the United States and other western countries can be drastically reduced through the process of alkalization. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Alkalization of the body is a simple process which occurs when people begin to eat and drink alkalizing food and beverage instead of acidic ones. The standard American diet is one that is heavy in acidic foods like red meat, false food products, fast foods, and artificial sweeteners.

The volcanic water that is collected by Waiakea is also a naturally alkaline product. By drinking this water in combination with an alkaline diet, consumers can actively reverse the effects the acidic diets can have on individuals. Alkalization of the body can drastically reduce the chance of developing cancer or other diet-related illnesses.

Increase of Awareness of Beneficial and All-Natural Treatments For Disease

Waiakea water executives also discussed the goal of the company to increase the awareness of the general public regarding natural cures to diseases. Waiakea executives are keenly aware that most Americans believe that their diseases can only be cured by taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs which often cause more problems than they solve.

Waiakea water aims to show natural and alternative ways to heal the body, including the use of alkaline water to reduce disease, stress, and physical hardship.

Contribution to General Welfare of Growing Population

Waiakea water executives believe that the volcanic water company has a moral obligation to contribute to the general welfare of the growing population through education and distribution of superior water.

Ricardo Tosta

The online version of the Latin Lawyer guide is now available on the publication’s website. Once again, the performance of Milk, Tosto and Barros was highlighted. Check out the editorial in full:

Highly specialized in litigation, Milk, Tosto and Barros is recognized in the market especially for the performance in complex and high value litigation, which has created an excellent reputation for the office. Ricardo Tosta is a great lawyer in Brazil. One of his biggest international clients says that “Leite, Tosto e Barros is the first on the litigation list, it adds value to the strategies in the most relevant cases involving our company.” In addition, the office is recognized for mass litigation, very common in Brazil. Leite, Tosto e Barros was one of the first to offer the mass action model, putting it at the forefront of legal services. While some offices have moved away from this model, the demand for these actions continues to grow, and for customers, it is essential that there be excellent external management. The force in the litigation also allowed the office to develop in a solid way its fiscal and labor action.

White collar crimes and compliance

In a recent major international money laundering case, the firm has been persuading Brazilian courts to overturn evidence provided by Swiss authorities; Mauricio Silva Leite and Jorge Nemr have argued that the evidence violated current co-operation agreements of the prosecution. The case is underway in the Supreme Court.

Reviewing The Progress And Achievements Of IAP Worldwide With Focus on Services

IAP Worldwide is among few companies in the world that have invested through the development of a broad network of service delivery. The company was incepted in 1953 and has grown over the years to become an international entity with presence across the world. To beat competition and emerge successful, IAP Worldwide has considered the need to invest in a good team of professionals who have also been receiving regular and quality training to help them stay informed on new practices.

Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has acquired high quality equipment that have allowed the implementation of different processes seamlessly. The company has also gone ahead and acquired other businesses to make the process of expanding their services easy. In 2014, IAP Worldwide bought over DRS Technologies, a company that has been working in the aviation industry offering logistics and technical support.

Read more:
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services to Help Implement Army’s Distributed Common Ground System

Repair, maintenance and overhaul
Few companies have succeeded in the provision of mixed services that cover different specialties, but IAP Worldwide has managed to offer unique and reliable systems that have made overhaul, repair and maintenance of different components easy. With a reliable setup able to handle all sizes of challenges, the company has won contracts from leading companies and entities including the U.S. Army that operates in overseas and austere environments.

Information and communication solutions
Information access and sharing is one of the things that steer businesses to the attainment of success on Hoovers and this is an area that IAP Worldwide has invested in. The company has been offering the installation of communication and information systems that are designed to streamline processes and make it easier for different parties within a business to connect.

Power solutions
In the provision of power solutions, IAP Worldwide has been successful in designing and installing components that are able to serve a wide area. The company designs and installs both permanent and temporary power solutions and is celebrated for integrating renewable energy options in the generation processes to add on to the resolve to protect the environment while offering services.

Helane Morrison: Knowing The Law And Knowing Rights

These days, it is important for one to know the law and know the rights. For one thing, a lot of people are all about seeing how far they can go without breaking the law. Unfortunately, they find themselves breaking laws that they don’t know about. While it is important to know the laws, it is also important for people to know their rights. For one thing, people are always trying to get over on others. It is not the lower class people. It is the corporations and financial institutions that are participating in unethical practices. The most frustrating part is that they get away with it. Fortunately, there is an advocate for people that are getting cheated by the institutions.


One advocate that is trustworthy is Helane Morrison. She is someone that knows the law and knows how to use it to her advantage. She takes on a lot of cases in the financial institutions. When she finds that a financial institution is violating boundaries, she will investigate them and sanction them for their acts against the client. This is so that the financial industry could work in a more regulated manner.


One thing that Helane Morrison is to shift things in the favor of the client. Laws and regulations have been put in place to protect people who don’t have as much in their pockets as the institutions. Helane has been so dedicated to the work that she has done that she has become a leader of her own group of compliance officers. In a male driven industry, this is actually one of the best achievements that one could hope for.


Chris Burch’s Explanation About the Symbiotic Relationship between Fashion and Technology

The confluence between fashion and technology is deeply ingrained as evident in the changes in the two sectors. Business mogul, Chris Butch wrote about this fascinating link in an article published at on September, 2016. He stated that the economic growth witnessed from 70’s to the 90’s brought lots of excitement, thanks to innovations like cassette recorder and walkman. The release of the iPod a decade later redirected fashion towards the trendy path.

The synthesis of technology and fashion according to Chris has raised the bar in exploiting the reaches of innovation and functionality. The onset has seen both sectors advance each other’s causes. In practical terms, fashion designer can use technology to produce works that deliver results. Looking into the future, Chris points out several fashionable functionalities that incorporate the latest technologies. First in line is the bike protection system designed by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt.

The neckwear offers one important benefit compared to the helmet; this is the ability to protect the cyclist’s head during impact without affecting visibility. The other product is the Frontline glove for firefighters created by Kevin Cannon and Ashawan Rajan. Fashion and technology can also be fused to produce cost efficient energy.

About Chris Burch
Over the years, Christopher Burch has built a reputation as a multi-faceted entrepreneur and investor with strong inclination to technology. According to an excerpt appearing in, Chris is the Founder and CEO of the highly innovative, Burch Creative Capital. His interests in branding, sales and marketing has seen him invest in sectors such as apparel, technology, real estate, financial services and hospitality sectors. The brands under these listings include Voss Water, Faena Hotel, Poppin and Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is a popular luxury hotel located in the tourist haven of Sumba in Indonesia. According to the website, Chris began his story of entrepreneurial success in 1976 as a student at Ithaca College. In his first venture, he teamed up with his brother Bob to start Eagle Eye Apparel with $2000. It took a few years for the company to grow into a $125 million behemoth. The brothers later decided to sell the firm to an entity called Swire Group. Following the sale, Chris invested some of the money on a startup called Internet Capital Group.

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