The Return of Alexandre Gama

This year Alexandre Gama left BBH where he was the worldwide chief creative officer (WCCO) since 2012. He now works for Neogama which is no longer owned by BBH. At Neogama, Alexandre Gama is the CEO and general creation director.

Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999 and sold a part of the company to Publicis Groupe.

In July of 2012, Publicis Groupe bought all of Neogama as well as BBH, when Alexandre Gama was chosen to manage the global creation of BBH. He declined BBH’s offer since it would take up too much time in managing the seven BBH offices throughout the world.

In addition to working with publicity at Neogama, Alexandre Gama intends to dedicate time to other activities as well. A few years ago, he created the Violab project, which is directed toward musicians and guitar players, which is one of his favorite activities. In partnership with Ulisses Rocha, he has taken Violab to YouTube and created a music channel. He also intends to make Violab a festival with the help of sponsors. As a diversified entrepreneur, he also intends to invest in technology and design.