Adam Milstein and the Principles of Philanthropy

According to Mr. Adam Milstein, philanthropy is more than just giving out checks to foundations. It requires a few secrets to ensure that your philanthropic activities are of positive impacts. Also, there are three principles, which can make a person become an effective philanthropist. Adam Milstein believes that philanthropic work should be a labor of love. This is because every person is always satisfied by doing what they love. Philanthropy is a work of love and the more you get involved in it, the more you become satisfied. It is just a matter of putting your energy and resources to good use.

As a philanthropist, it is important that you always stay focused and at the same time search for synergies. Through collaboration with other organizations, it is easy to spread the gospel of good work. Different organizations have philanthropists with different level of expertise that can help them bring greater impacts to the foundations they support. Furthermore, philanthropists have no option of being selective about the organization they support. They should understand that non-profit organizations do not compete against one another. Adam Milstein understands that a good philanthropist will always strive to help organizations develop interactions that can amplify their impact and efforts.

As a dynamic contributor, Adam Milstein has worked with several organizations, including Taglit-Birthright, IAC (Israeli-America Council), StandWithUs, AIPAC, and During his involvement with these organizations, Adam Milstein was able to witness how his money and time were making good impacts to the society. Mr. Adam Milstein is of the opinion that philanthropists should put their mouth where their money is put into use. They should contribute their talent, time, expertise, and connections with the sole purpose of helping nonprofit organizations succeed. It is a matter of embracing active philanthropy. However, philanthropy is not science. Every organization is unique, and activities can be different.